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Non standard features requirements

Sharp corners

Internal sharp corners require EDM machining and increase significantly machining costs, therefore they should be avoided as much as possible. Most of the time, when sharp corners are requested, the supplier will suggest changes that will make the part easier to machine.

Here is the order of options considered when sharp corners are present on the CAD model:

Increasing the radii
A radius of at least 1/4 of the pocket depth can be suggested
For example, this pocket is 10mm deep, at least 2.5mm radius will be suggested.

“Dog bones” fillet can be suggested

EDM (sinking EDM or wire-EDM): EDM should only be reserved for the cases where the sharp corners are absolutely indispensable. It will significantly increase machining costs.


When knurling is needed, it needs to be mentioned on a technical drawing.

  • If there is no mention of a standard, either DIN82, ISO13444:2012 will be followed by default
  • If another standard is mentioned, it will only be accepted if it can be fulfilled by our network. In the opposite case a known standards will be suggested to you.

Part marking

We offer laser engraving and silk screening on demand

NameLaser engravingSilk screening
Additional price+10%+20%
Additional lead time+ 1 day+1-3 days
SpecificationsDepth: 0.08mm to 0.5mm
Paint infill possible
Documentation requiredVector file (AI, CorelDRAW, Autocad, DXF) PDF with exact positioning of markingVector file (AI, CorelDRAW, Autocad, DXF) PDF with exact positioning of marking

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